We study communication systems. In order to understand the design of communication, we look under the roof of its behavioral layer and examine the underlying auditory systems, vocal apparatuses and neural control.

Most of our projects involve voice, hearing or communication strategies. We use crickets and frogs as research subjects in experiments that involve manipulation of acoustics, physiology, morphology or environmental variables.

We also conduct physiological, ecological and behavioral studies applied to improving the husbandry of our animals.

Current projects

  • Laryngeal structure and vocal control in túngara frogs.
  • Auditory tuning in túngara frogs.
  • Signaling strategies in arthropods and vertebrates.
  • Triggers of oviposition in tropical frogs.
  • Temperature and water chemistry tolerance in túngara frogs.
  • Anesthesia in túngara frogs.
  • Color pattern variability in túngara frogs